Photographer Tom Souzer noticed something unusual during the solar eclipse on Monday. People looked like they were in the 1988 science fiction film, “They Live”. The premise of the film is where wrestling legendĀ “Rowdy” Roddy Piper find special sunglasses that let humans see aliens and subliminal messages.

Here is a selection of Tom Souzer’s photo series called, “Watchers”…

Backs turned, no one is paying attention to each other.
Tilting towards the sun, a businessman clutches his binder during the eclipse.

Tom’s photos were inspired by the Twilight Zone and other sci-fi films and shows he watched growing up. It’s suiting he chose black and white for the series.

Market Square, Pittsburgh. Folding chairs and tables. Woman holds onto her hat.
Behind of Point State Park, the bridge looks like a UFO that has landed.

“I wanted to capture the emotions, feelings, and the eeriness of this day.”

The experience brings them closer, but the object is far away.
Captivated by the solar eclipse, a man sits outside of Market Square Groceries.

“I really felt the need to record this moment. The way technology is growing I feel that at some point people may not even leave their house to watch events like this in the future.”

Things are getting kind of weird. Man. Chicken. Cow.
Did they catch something?
Women puts down her iPhone to look up at the solar eclipse.
Kid. Tin Foil. Skull. Honey Nut Cheerios.