Dear Reader,

I want to be transparent with you about our production delays and the issue behind them.

The Problem:

Jekko is currently hiring and building out our full-time team. We reached out to some content creators to help us in the meantime.

Sadly, those freelancers attended conferences and received review units using our companies name. They did not review the items. They did not return the items. They acted in bad faith, violated editorial guidelines, and essentially stole the items.

To make matters worse, our fall filming schedule was setup with these freelancers in mind. This has caused the significant delay in our production.

What We’re Doing About It:

Jekko has published our Editorial Review Process.

  • Jekko has cut all ties the freelancers in question.
  • We’ve looked into legal action against them.
  • We’ve notified the conferences and companies affected.
  • We’ve gone ahead and purchased replacement units.
  • We’re re-shooting content and will post final reviews soon.

What Else?

I’d like to thank the brands for being exceptionally understanding as we sorted this out. We’ve opted to post this in case there are products and brands out there affected we have not accounted for. Please remember:

  • Official product requests will only come from email addresses.
  • If you have received a request from another source, contact us immediately.

We’re working on hiring more full-time journalists to reduce our reliance on freelancers entirely. We currently have two full-time positions open for writers. If you or someone you know loves writing, products, and the internet they can send their CV to

Thank you for your understanding.
For more information, please check our Editorial Review Process page.

Image: Christine Schmidt (CC BY 2.0).