In between the food and company of the Pittsburgh Cosmopolitan Party at the August Wilson Center, it suddenly occurred to me I was about to miss the Gallery Crawl entirely. Watering the plants with what social inhibition juice had found it’s way into my hands, I dashed out to capture the fleeting moments soon to be behind closed doors.

Handmade Arcade was wrapping up much like parents wrap gifts the night before Christmas. Yarn and paper littered the counters. The last of the passerby’s entered and started sorting the reused items into gifts for friends they knew only through Facebook. Space Gallery had structures, mixed media, and trinkets that built into a strong showcase. American Society of Media Photographers display struck a chord much like a well timed sunset.

The rest of the gallery crawl for the late comer was an assortedĀ of small, yet well placed items. The artists this time around showed a stronger sense of composition than before; displaying meaningful arrangements rather than coincidental discoveries.