You represent a product with thousands of hours of design, production, and love.

We’d love to see it, film it, and write about it.

About Jekko

Jekko, Inc. is a viral news outlet that highlights products and creates ‘Hero, Hub, and Help’ content. We’re veteran technology journalists. Our goal is to help audiences choose the right gear for their active lifestyle. Even make it if necessary.

What are Jekko’s Demographics?

Jekko is preparing for relaunch, as such we don’t offer metrics at this time.

Some social media channels we use:

  • YouTube: Male-skewed. Based in USA, UK, & Canada. 18-34 (63%).
  • Twitter: Male – Female 51%-49%. Based in US (62%). 18-34 (82%).
  • Instagram: Male – Female 45%-55%. Based in US (89%) 18-34 (55%).

What Type of Products Do We Review?

Lifestyle Technology. Specs are nice, but how does it improve our life?

Jekko covers a wide variety of topics. In the past we’ve covered 3D Printers, Cellphones, Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, GPS Trackers, Laptops, Smart Lighting, and Smartwatches, just to name a few. However, Jekko’s “Best of” lists get the most traffic.

If we reached out to you, cool! If not, you can pitch us at

Where Do You Send the Products?

Jekko, Inc.
Attn: Product Reviews
(Contact us. We are only accepting pre-arranged units at this time.)

We Produce Original Content.

No Courtesy Shots. We syndicate out our content.

Jekko’s team specializes in photography and videography for social web. Our audience trusts our reviews because the product was actually in our hands. We also know how to take a good image. 😉 Lastly, to syndicate with other news outlets we have to own the copyright to the image/video. This means we have to press the button on the camera.

What Happens to Products After the Review?

We do not sell them. We use them for future coverage.

Jekko pays to warehouse hundreds of products. This allows us to compare brand offerings, update guides with new firmware, and produce new content on demand. It also allows us to answer audience questions on social media.

This method gives us two advantages over our competition:

1. We compare products to their previous generations.
2. We create seasonal guides “10 Best X for 2019”

No Loaners Please, We Hate Keeping Track

We TEST units. Not all survive. Waterproof label? We’ll dip it in the ocean.

Jekko’s journalists are testing dozens of items at a time. We put products through their paces. On top of that we’re filming reviews and going to conferences. We keep our mental bandwidth for production, not tracking return dates. That’s why we warehouse items.

We accept loaner units if:

  • The product is embargoed.
  • The product is a prototype.
  • The product is prohibitively expensive.

Lastly, in depth reviews generally cost us more than the product is worth.
We do them in the name of journalism… and science

How Does Jekko Make Money?

Affiliate Links. Oh, and Branded Content.

Jekko recommends the best products based on our research to our readers. When they buy them using our links we get a small commission. Our newsroom is salary and does not receive commission. If the item is returned, we get nothing. We do not use affiliate links directly from the company either. In other words, there is no benefit to recommending a bad product.

So, That’s How It Works?

Yep. Most of our review products come from the manufacturer.

Jekko covers the cost of review and content production. The companies covers the cost of the review units. We post reviews for fantastic products. We create a guides for categories. Our readers win when they buy a product they use, love, and enjoy.

We post this document to build trust and transparency with our readers and you.

Thank you.