10 Best Pittsburgh Food Trucks You Can Find Today

In Pittsburgh, Bridge Crosser is an insult. That is unless you're a Food Truck. These vagabond chefs behind the roaming kitchens bring herbs and...

Interview: RoadBotics, an AI Company Helping Repair Roadways

RoadBotics is on the streets collecting big data. The company uses cellphone sensors to map out roadways problems such as potholes. Then using machine...

Plantronics (NACON) RIG 800LX Review – All Day Battery and Comfort

The Nacon (formerly Plantronics) Rig 800LX has gained a second life as of late. Wireless gaming headsets are experiencing shipping delays and stock shortages....
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Doors Open Pittsburgh Gives an Inside Look at Historic Landmarks

Doors Open Pittsburgh continues its tradition of giving tours of buildings that dot the region. They're inviting guests to be 'nebby', a Pittsburghese term...

BoardUp Review: New Tricks for Classic Skateboards

BoardUp may not only be the replacement for Boosted Boards, but also the future of skateboards in general. For three years, Product Designer Bin...

Katie Castles, An Interview with America’s Japan Fashion Queen

Katie Castles is part a growing group of Pittsburghers who are famous internationally and with little local recognition. She's part of a growing group...