If you asked your friends about their deep dark collector secret, I’m sure you’d find one of them to have a room full of sneakers. Their hobby would contain unnatural colors and varying sizes of shoes that took hours to wait in line for. During work, they are constantly reminded with eBay notifications and search for the next pair of sneakers to tie their collection together.

Refresh¬†PGH, not to be confused with the tech community of same name, is a company that specializes in sneakers – ¬†restoration and collection. However, in this case, Refresh Pittsburgh hosted an art gallery over at Daily Bread called, “Shoes on a Wire”. Famous sneakers usually with the swoosh or iconic three bands across them are portrayed across power lines with white background.

The sneaker cult, which is hidden in plain sight, is an interesting one. This show highlights that sneakers, which we often ignore in passing, have a culture all to their own.