If you’ve been beside a river in Pittsburgh, then you know Lisa Schroeder.  From the joggers to bikers, the pathways and the lights, the river ways bear her fingerprint and legacy. As president of Riverlife, Schroeder led the charge to make Pittsburgh’s waterways an integral part of the city’s identity.

Last night close friends and allies celebrated the tearful close to her fifteen-year tenure at Riverlife. The evening’s conversation focused on personal stories as well as exceptional traits. Grant Oliphant of the Heinz Endowments highlighted her diplomacy when negotiating. Kevin McMahon of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust mentioned she always found a way to move a project forward even jump-starting them if they had stalled. Others simply said thank-you as they looked over the rivers she brought to life.

She leaves this month to head the Parks & People Foundation in Baltimore where a picture of the three rivers will hang in her office.