Soup N’at raises money for artists and projects around Pittsburgh by breaking bread with the community. Participants pay around ten dollars a bowl which also doubles as a vote to cast for the artist project they want to support. The money is collected at the door and given to the artists directly at the end of the night.

The Soup N’at Winners are:

‘A pop-up shop offering items produced by women artists aimed at raising awareness of gender wage inequality issues. Pricing at 78/100 will mirror the wage gap – women will pay 78% of the retail price while men will pay the full price.’

Pop Up Premiers
‘A film series in which we screen the works of black filmmakers. We aim to expose audiences to the vibrant world of independent black cinema, and to expand on the idea of what black film can be. We believe film is a great way to spark conversations about issues (past and present) that shape our lives today.’

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