Jekko joined CORNINGWORKS, a multi-disciplinary dance-theater production company created by Beth Corning, in the upstairs dining room at Mad Mex Shadyside for the third annual Choreograph-Your-Own-Fajita Benefit Party on Jan. 20, 2015. The event also marks the fifth anniversary of CORNINGWORKS. Proceeds from the Choreograph-Your-Own-Fajita Benefit Party will go towards CORNINGWORKS 2015 programming.

After serving as the executive artistic director for Dance Alloy Theater, Beth Corning launched CORNINGWORKS in fall 2009 as a vehicle for The Glue Factory Project and her other collaborative dance-theater productions. The Glue Factory Project is an annual production that features veteran dancers who are over 40. It challenges the idea of being “put out to pasture” as a performing artist and emphasizes the years of wisdom and experience that older performers have gained in their lifetimes. The Glue Factory Project’s productions grapple with themes like technology, power and gender relations. Originally conceived and launched in Minneapolis, MN, Corning brought the project to Pittsburgh, initially through Dance Alloy and now through CORNINGWORKS, where it has received serious critical acclaim.

You can see Corning’s newest production, the latest installment of The Glue Factory Project, “At Once There Was a House,” on-stage at the New Hazlett Theater this spring, March 25-29, 2015. Check here for more information.