The Pittsburgh Gallery Crawl is a quarterly crawl in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. April’s crawl also saw several galleries showcase student art before the summer vacation. Unlike previous coverage of the gallery crawl we wanted to focus on specific exhibits this time.

Gianna Paniagua’s Vascular Caverns on display at 707 Penn Avenue has its own article because of the scope of the project.

Space Gallery is a very noisy environment. It is the intoxication vendor of choice at the art crawl. Among all the art, including an over the top performance art by Vanessa German, Chin’s AK-47s fusion cut through that noise and stood out by it’s polished design. Cross for the Unforgiven by Mel Chin negates the destructive capacity of the materials used and reshapes them into social commentary on social resistance.

Temporary States by Lori Hepner and Christine Lorenz has been the latest win in a series for 937 Gallery. Lori’s #Crowdsourced #Landscapes capture a photo ark of experimental landscapes affected by climate change. The hauntingly abstract pieces were created utilizing tweets in the process. Christine’s macro photography with salt pushes monochrome visuals that texture you can almost taste.

Tamara Natalie Madden deserves a honorable mention for he utilization of color in Kings | Queens work. Revolver and Spin by HC Gilje at Wood Street Gallery was underwhelming. And Social Status made it’s entry as a serious gallery contender.