Returning for its 18th annual installation, Art All Night Lawrenceville has No Fees, No Jury, and No Censorship. Numbers like 1,000+ artists and 10,000+ attendees don’t accurately show the scope of this event. Art All Night highlights the core DNA that makes Pittsburgh an art town.

This year’s Art All Night came in waves. Baby boomers were the first wave arriving in early evening. The second wave was classified were young professionals. Much like a gremlin, after midnight the crazy eccentric artists showed up.  Sometimes we just miss our old friends, and Art All Night brings us back together.

The artwork itself is hit or miss given the spectrum of artists that contributed. This years art had many pieces that had the dust brushed off of them. One piece of shame was a old lamp broken by time. Yet two pieces down you could see what artists can create when they dedicate themselves to their craft.

The space, a warehouse waiting to be torn down, was a piece in itself. Volunteers could defile or beautify the building without consequence. Graffiti artists were legit in this topsy-turvey environment. John Lee of Clohn Art snuck in an unregistered piece.