Unblurred is a monthly gallery crawl on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the last two years it’s established this small street as a major contender in the North American art scene. Here’s what happened this month. If you’re an artist, here’s the ideas to steal… of course we mean copy.

Most Wanted Fine Arts

The Art of the Doll propelled Most Wanted Fine Arts into the international venue scene once more. Macabre Noir hand picked some of the best creatively bizarre doll craftsmen the world has to offer. Though small, don’t let the size deceive you. This is not creepy doll knock off, but the real thing. Artists such as Sheri DeBowNicole Mahlimae, and Beth Robinson works of art are no laughing matter. Their dolls demand serious stage presence against art in any medium.

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Assemble scaled back to traditional wall hangings this month. Many of the contributing artists hung striking up conversations. That community feeling around the creative space has become one of its best features.

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Irma Freeman Center

For the past few showings Irma Freeman Center has focused on the smaller parts of life. Their large walls longed for more coverage. That’s exactly what Sidewall did. Filled the large beautiful gallery with works of various artists. The private murals of 608 S. Millvale were re-purposed and shown in completion. Judging any show with a variety of artists is a hard task. But sidewall was overwhelmingly pleasant for the eyes. One can only hope the trend of private murals catches on in Pittsburgh. (Hint: Donate your sidewall today.)

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Bunker Projects

Traveling artist Megan Mosholder ties up bunker projects with her art. Armed with a ball of twine she converted the gallery into a playground three days later. Much like Mad Max she travels around the world transforming spaces outdoors. This was a testing ground for her as she explored the possibilities of a permanent exhibit in Pittsburgh.

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The Rest

Boom Concepts featured computer generated work from Julie Mallis and collaborators. Ishtar took their belly dance rock to the streets. Artisan Tattoo presented Wall Sculptures by Jay Del Greco. We completely skipped over Light. It wasn’t open or some nonsense.

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