Techshop Pittsburgh is a staple exhibit at events around Pittsburgh. One of the best synergies was their showing at Carnegie Science Center 21+ Night. Following the success of those events, Techshop launched their own party for adults.

Techshop’s #TwentyOnePlus Night follows the popular pattern of multiple vendor sampling in a non-traditional space. This particular night enjoyed a twist where many of the vendors tied to Kiva Zip. Eliza’s Oven and 52nd Street Market both launched successful campaigns for good eats on the platform for Pittsburgh micro-loans. The entry fee for the event went to Kiva Zip to further empower new local entrepreneurs.

Who’s it for?

#TwentyOne Plus is for tinkerers, crafters, and makers, looking for a casual tasting night. Participants get a tour of the co-working space that provides heavy equipment for the price of membership and classes. (Free anytime upon request). We’d recommend this for anyone looking for light discovery of Pittsburgh’s tech scene and networking event.

The Good

The event benefited Kiva Zip Pittsburgh! You get to play with grown up toys like the fearsome Marshmallow Gun.

Second, for those who partake, Grist House Brewing served up a thick American Red Ale. Its remarkable flavor will win over those who usually avoid beer. Then there’s Eliza’s Oven. Whatever recipes she inherited makes her cupcakes the sweet highlight of any tasting event. We’d recommend seeking either company out.

The Bad

Anyone who has the courage to get up and teach a class deserves respect. However you have to know the subject. The blacksmithing instructor is a novice at the craft and should take some classes himself. Voodoo Brewery also deserves a jeers as their brew tasted of soap. Clearly it was a victim of an dirty tap system.

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