Tom Sarver and Hannah Thompson entered the battle grounds of Neu Kirche with battle lectures about their evolving process of discovery through art. Announcer Oreen Cohen introduced the two combatants to the stage.

Hannah G. Thompson is known for her colorful dresses layered with imagination. She sews and weaves garments of discovery she wears to events. She then explodes out of her makeshift cocoons transforming herself and the space around her.

Tom Sarver is best known for his puppertry and collaborative art projects around the Pittsburgh area. His lecture touched on the founding absurdity of the Art Olympics and how simple ideas expand often becoming infectious. Before the event he crafted asymmetric trophies that will be used in August 29th’s Art Olympics at Neu Kirche.

Sadly, both artists lost to PowerPoint. Their creativity was caged in the stifling format. The energy was drained as each slide slid across the projector. The two artists should have played to their strengths and engaged niche audience directly. They were armed with a series of props and the best attention grabber of all: their personalities.

Both Tom Sarver and Hannah G. Thompsonwill be perfoming at the Neu Kirche Celebration August 29th. We suggest you check them out in their best element.

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