Sometimes on our way to events our attention gets kidnapped by moment otherwise missed. Biking home after the Orchard Gala we noticed Simeon Larivonovoff, the Russian church icon painter, showing off new work at the Bloomfield Crazy Mocha Coffee.

Simeon is the last of his kind. His work starts out with sourcing earth, yes dirt, from around the world which he finely grinds into paint. His pride of cultural heritage and style can been seen from the pocket watch to the orthodox bibles he carries. Though not an event in itself, it’s worth stopping to admire his work when you see him. If you’re willing to wait and have some cash to spare he might even paint you a icon… only if you promise take care of it.

Back on the bike, we got stopped yet again. Half a block away, The Plate Scrapers were opening for The Hills and The Rivers and Shelf Life String Band at Howlers Cafe. The Plate Scrapers had played the night before at Banjo Night, and Shelf Life String Band at Bayardstown. Yet the sound changed ever so slightly with the venue bringing a new take on favorite bands.

It may not seem like much as you bike by, but once you stop you can catch a snapshot of life more vivid than any Polaroid.

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