This month’s Unblurred Gallery Crawl on Penn Avenue was marked by several show closings, a few bizarre openings, and dance parties up and down the street.

Moonbaby Lands at Assemble

This art show by Moonbaby screams ‘wtf’ at all levels. What is a Moonbaby? What’s in the bags? Oh god, what happened to that mannequin!? None of these questions were really answered. What is known is Assemble smashed its Unblurred mold with a ball peen hammer and it paid off. The bizarre showing by the artist, drag queen, and ‘Astral Shit Show‘ was refreshing to a gallery crawl that often skews towards commercialization.

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Artisan Tattoo

Contrary to popular belief, Artisan Tattoo can host an artist that isn’t monochromatic. Jake Galm‘s bubblegum pop art is as colorful as it probably is tasty. His unique style of nifty characters with abstract characteristics seems oddly hopeful. Notable outside the showing is Jake Galm has opened sourced some of his art for reuse.

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Bunker Projects

Whatever bait Jessie Rommelt is using to lure artists to Bunker Projects is extremely effective. The small space scored Catcher Signals, a solo exhibition by Sophie Lourdes Knight this month. The abstract paintings stretched, distorted, and flattened physical signals leaving communication for the interpretation of the viewer.

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Everything Else

Fieldworks Contemporary Arts Gallery became a dance floor. Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination held it’s closing for Sidewall.  Enclasp by Joseph Materkowski insulted the visually impaired by forgetting to raise the Braille lettering. Daily Bread turned an abandoned lot into a dance party. And RJW Law Office continued its Monthly Tango Dance Emporium.

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