Bicycle Heaven is the world’s largest bicycle museum and shop located in the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA. The collection founded by Craig Morrow contains over 3,000 bicycles including the fifteen of the famous fiberglass Bowden Spacelander bikes.

The museum itself is a maze of room with hand written signs leading the way to discovery. Each turn unveils another wave of metal crafted into the best transportation known to man. Bikes with famous owners also take up a good portion of the 2nd floor space. Many guests gravitate to the Pee Wee Herman bicycle, but miss the Bally Space Time Pinball Machine, the same one used on the Happy Days.

Entry to Bicycle Heaven is free. Though donations are welcome, Morrow fuels the museum with sales on eBay. Almost as impressive as the museum itself, his account boasts nearly 20,000 reviews at 99.8%. As Bicycle Heaven continues to expand in the drop ceiling warehouse, it’s worth checking it out today, next month, and next year.

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