The original un-conference of Pittsburgh which brought the likes of Chris Brogan, Justine Ezarik, and Justin Kownacki together for DIY Workshops teaching the finer points of podcasting. To give it some perspective: Ten years ago, Chris Brogan was still sleeping on couches, iJustine still hadn’t posted her 300 Page iPhone Bill video, and Justin Kownacki was into season two of the web series ahead of its time: Something to Be Desired. I Was Around, but hadn’t chosen the handle nor had I kicked it at Skatopia for long or helped facilitate Occupy Wall Street.  In fact, Justin Kownacki is to blame that I joined Twitter at all.

The conference this year saw newcomers and nostalgic bloggers alike. Storyteller Genevieve Barbee improved others stories, Sue Kerr pointed out the finer points of organizing for social causes online, and Michael D Sorg talked about the one of a thousand ways to do podcasting.