Where were you this year? Jekko covered over 600 events this year trying to experience all Pittsburgh has to offer. Many say we’re on the verge of a new local renaissance. They’re dead wrong. It’s already here. Today are the memories we’ll be telling our friends about for decades to come.

Folk Punk Legends Return from Tour


The Hills and the Rivers and Cousin Boneless play an reconditioned Swissvale storefront after returning from tour. Taken in the dead of a Pittsburgh winter, the band stripped due to the overwhelming heat of a packed house.

Phipps’ Tropical Forest Congo Party


Phipps Conservatory has continued hosting political leaders from around the world post-G20. The botanical gardens celebrated its opening of it’s Tropical Congo Exhibit while international leaders met beyond the lush green. This photo is a sneak peak into a closed world of diplomacy.

Dee’s Cafe is the Tatooine Cantina


It had been months since I had downed a Pint at Dee’s Cafe in South Side. The place is a time capsule. I walked in and nothing had changed. I immediately took this shot and moved on to finishing the best Best Dive Bars of Pittsburgh guide with a pint of PBR.

Attack Theatre’s Dirty Ball Ends at Ten


Attack Theatre ended one of the best parties in Pittsburgh of 2014. Before they did, they had one hell of a show in a South Side Warehouse. This party had everything. Crazy costumes by creative people.

Pittsburgh’s Underwear Bike Riders


Once a month, weather permitting, cyclists take a tour of Pittsburgh in their underwear. Meliora Angst and Scott Kowalski stop for a light, like all mother f’cking cyclists should, making for the perfect photo op of Lawrenceville bike life.

Banjo Night at the Elk’s Lodge


Ever wondered what to do on a Wednesday? Ever wondered what 1950’s Americana feels like? You can solve both at the Banjo Night. Chris Fennimore, WQED favorite, shows us life is always better with a banjo in your hand.

Beauty Slap is the Fire at Pittsburgh Light Up Night


Beauty Slap had a pretty good 2015. Half the excitement of this performance was wondering if the bridge was swinging from people jumping or if it was a warning sign of a impending collapse.

The Typesetting Ninja at AIR


Artist Imagine Resources held a fundraiser. Typical stuff. Though something was strange. Throughout the night, the hair on the back of my neck was lifted. Someone was watching. She was: The Typesetting Ninja.

Busker Extraordinaire, Ian Hill


Outside of The Cultural Trust’s Cosmopolitan, Ian Hill reflects on the meaning of life and death.

Old Church, New Lights: Neu Kirche


Neu Kirche is doing all the crazy experimental art that you want to be involved with. The old North Side Church was turned into a VIP Laser Show. The lights warped around walls and glass to make for a stunning live painting on a classic church canvas.

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is not an event, but a way of life. The 11 day event, I mean 12 day, 13 maybe? Whatever… they just keep going until they run out of places to put cars. However, the PVGP show on the Roberto Clemente Bridge merges what there is to love about the town: bridges, cars, and skyline.

A Couple in Love at Randyland


In the garden of Randyland a young couple joke around during in between a photo shoot celebrating their engagement. The colors of their relationship and clothing match the backdrop of painted doors adoring the famous building.

Underground Tango Speak Easy at Unblurred

Tango at Unblurred

One of the primary reasons you should go to Unblurred Gallery Crawl is the Underground Tango Speak Easy. The dancers there are warm like a glass of superb wine. Enough liquid courage to have you dance. The group doesn’t judge you for skill. They’ll take your hand and show you the way.

Woman Schools Men at PuzzlePAX

PuzzlePAX race at Techshop

Techshop 21+ Night has improved over last year. After you hear their membership pitch for the umpteenth time (really guys, chill), you can finally relax and meet cool people that use the space. PuzzlePAX is one of those companies. People compete to assemble, wait for it, a puzzle that makes holds a six pack. This one contestant walked up and schooled the rest of the table on how to assemble a party.

Beckett and Beyond


In regards to her amazing piece of Beckett and Beyond, Beth Corning said, “Don’t spoil the surprises with the photos.” Who is that? What’s in the bags? Is that map relevant? Beth had created an imaginative set of traps and surprises that kept the audience guessing. Even at the end of it all, a stage hand came out to announce, “That’s it. You can go home now.” People still didn’t know if it was part of the play or not, and I still don’t know today.

Moonrise over Yellow Bridges


Not attached to any article or event was this moonrise. It garnered likes, shares, and retweets all the same. These simple things connect us. Between the events that make up the pulse of Pittsburgh, I am alone, silent, and biking across spectacular bridges. As 2015 closes and 2016 begins, let’s take that bridge together.

Message me sometime. Let’s have coffee in 2016!

Foo is the founder of Jekko. Unlike other publishers, Foo attends thousands of events, interviews personalities from startups to Fortune 500s, and blows stuff up on YouTube.