Blah, blah, blah, something about the budget impasse. Back to startups.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf stopped by Innovationwork’s Alphalab Gear. If you’re new here, Alphalab Gear invests and gives office space to young companies that can make a difference with new machines. The jargon version is Alphalab and it’s hardware side Alphalab Gear are incubators connected to state seed money focused on economic development. Their goal is to have a positive impact for the region by growing and having companies stay in Pittsburgh.

Entrepreneurs lined up to share their startup ideas with the Governor. Avishai Geller, founder of Maven Machines, spoke on his journey to Pittsburgh from California. He was in Gear’s second cycle where he developed headsets that detected driver fatigue. Dick Zhang, President of Identified Technologies, talked about how their autonomous drones would increase efficiency at work sites. A new comer to the incubator, Vaish Krishnamurthy talked about Clean Robotics goals of cutting down on landfill waste.

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