Leadership Pittsburgh‘s Champagne Luncheon is like a high school reunion you want to go to. The people are don’t suck, the food isn’t pizza, and it’s just two hours long. All of which ties back to Leadership Pittsburgh’s model: Bringing change makers together to broaden their impact through networking.

Leadership Pittsburgh usually has around 60 participants that go through a ten month course. Class membership is designated with a LP [Roman Numeral]. The champagne luncheon is a chance for alumni to catch up. This networking event is a view into the powers behind Pittsburgh. The series draws speakers such as Bill Peduto and Rich Fitzgerald.

Leadership developer Tacy Byham was the keynote speaker. I attend a lot of these things. Most of the speakers range from boring to good. Tacy was great. She was show-stopping, TED eat your heart out, great. I plan to dissect her speech later, but here’s the Too Long; Didn’t Read version –  tl;dr: Rapport is everything. Empathy has declined by poor habits using cell phones and social media. Tomorrow’s best leaders will overcome this. 

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