tl;dr: This is just some commentary and photos. Nothing too exciting. 

The 2nd annual music festival in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, creatively called the Strip District Music Fest, was held last night. Local bands flooded venues from lower strip into Lawrenceville. Many venues achieved critical mass, while other venues struggled to gather an audience. Outside of possible fire code violations, bands and participants had a great time.

There’s not much of a follow up from last year’s controversy of Brian Drusky’s racial remarks. You may remember Drusky Entertainment tried to cover it up by putting the Strip District Music Fest in Josh Bakaitus’ name in an attempt to save sponsorships. Shame on NakYouOutNextPittsburgh, and Pittsburgh City Paper for omitting Drusky Entertainment’s involvement in their articles.

My understanding is Brian Drusky spent time reflecting upon his words. He put his money where his mouth is and sought to educate himself.

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