Winter has come. In the past this meant gallery owners and locals could kick back and relax at Unblurred. That’s changed. After 2+ years, the gallery crawl has become a staple and people brave the weather to get their art fix. Here’s some notes from this month’s Unblurred on Penn Ave, Pittsburgh’s Best Gallery Crawl.

Artisan Tattoo

In house artist, Sara Eve Rivera took charge of the gallery this month. Her stylized mix of traditional tattoo color and outlining translated well to paper layered in frame. Secondly, her play with negative space emboldens the choice of blended colors in the forefront of her images.

[justified_image_grid ids=”10739,10737,10738,10696,10695″]

Mr. Roboto Project

When the Mr. Roboto Project started zines were the way in which to pass information from generation to generation. With the invent of social media, tumblr, and social justice warriors, the small press run of zines have fallen out of favor for quick bullet point lists and quizzes to see which member of Nirvana you are. This month, Mr. Roboto revamps their zine archive and places it on the wall for people to rediscover this lost art form.

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Most Wanted Fine Art

Njaimeh Njie displayed her photography highlighting local black culture upstairs, while Ryder Henry showcased his award winning cardboard spaceships downstairs. Eventually a band took the stage. All was good.

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Everything Else

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