This is a diverse round up of photographers highlighting their world around them. From #art to #architecture, from #food to #fashion, and from #streetstyle to #weddings, this list covers a diverse cross section of life that will liven up your feed.

tl;dr: If you love Pittsburgh and photography, follow these Instagram accounts.   

Keep Pittsburgh Dope

Chancelor Humphrey is the undisputed champion of Pittsburgh street photography. As Instagram has grown, so has his style. Without losing their surroundings, the subjects are pulled from the environments effortlessly. His eye is the key to his style. There’s no fancy rigs here, just a Canon T2i and 50mm lens.

Tom Souzer

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From gritty landscapes to uncommon people, Tom Souzer’s style reveals an unfiltered Pittsburgh. His honest approach to people doesn’t feature fashion models or Paris styles. Instead you’ll find tattoos, tangled hair, and fixed gear bikers.


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dann_o hosts a variety of styles on his Instagram. This night owl uses flash setups and complex night shots to capture skateboarding, abandoned buildings, and city lights. You might have to follow a dozen accounts to get the same sense of a city that he does.

Terri Dowd

Terri Dowd is a top food blogger that started her own TV series called Between the Eats. The home cook and recipe developer takes behind the scenes food photography that is to die for. Her account will also give you a look into restaurants throughout Pittsburgh.

Jayson Cassidy

Jayson Cassidy focuses on urban decay. His architectural documentation is filled with post-processed grunge and graffiti that dots the rust belt. His photos play with lighting and shadows that dance over sticks and stones that once made up buildings we inhabited.

Maranie Rae

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Maranie Rae is making a name for herself this year. Her images are a mixture of activism and photojournalism. Recently she crafted two long series covering homelessness in Pittsburgh with Operation Safety Net and women of Uganda. Where some people need a series, individually her images are striking.

Dave DiCello

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If you’ve seen a well shared HDR photo of Pittsburgh in the last few years, chances are Dave Dicello took it. Dicello has explored every nook and climbed every hill of Pittsburgh to find the right shot. The only thing more impressive than the angles he finds are the patience it takes to catch the sunrise, sunset, and lightning.

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Kate does it all. Interiors, exteriors, fashion, and puppies. As on Instagram, she documents a life less ordinary.  Her images restore the magic of photography, capturing time in a bottle.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread features sick shots of local models, rappers, and skaters repping their apparel line. Entrenched in the hip hop community, Daily Bread’s Instagram features cameos from Mac Miller, DJ Afterthought, and others. Usually we’d avoid listing corporate accounts, but this one is so damn good.

Madisyn Fecko

Madisyn Fecko arranges her life in peculiar ways. Her Instagram softly reflects items she encounters and uses on a daily basis. Even the locations she visits are full of expression. This subtle peak into her life is visually pleasurable with her application of the rule of thirds.

Naked Geometry

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James Gyre is the artist and mathematician behind Naked Geometry. He uses Instagram to highlight sacred geometry in nature and his application of it in wood working. His visually pleasing posts are a wonderful way to cut up the day of standard photos.

Michael Parente

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Michael Parente’s use of negative space is masterful. While many on this list prefer cluttered and stimulating compositions, Parente removes the excess and focuses in on his subject. It’s wonderful to watch how he uses the even lighting provided by a cloudy Pittsburgh to remove all shadows.

Adam Milliron

Adam Milliron is the go-to #FoodPorn junkie. His work fuels Table Magazine and national ad campaigns. For aspiring professionals, he shares how he sets up the shots too. His dog also makes guest appearances upping the overall cuteness of a stellar account.

Joey Kennedy

Holy hell Joey Kennedy makes getting married look like a good idea. This is the wedding photographer to follow. His marvelously crafted talent behind the camera shows what can be done when you slay the beasts of lighting, composition, and attention and gain their powers. There are many imitators, but only one Joey Kennedy.

Baron Batch

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Baron Batch gets a lot of mentions on Jekko because he puts himself out there. The artist has built a following showcasing his colorful painting process. You should follow him. He crafts elaborate scavenger hunts by hiding free art around Pittsburgh and posting clues where you can find it on Instagram.

Sarah Zeffiro

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Sarah Zeffiro is a mixed media artist comfortable with acrylic, collage, and live painting. She was declared one of the 18 people you should know in 2016. Her Instagram account is a wonderful to get to know her. She posts what she’s working on as well as events she attends.

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