Editor’s Note: Lighting at the Ace Hotel Gym is crazy dark. #bringaflash

Attack Theatre retired their Dirty Ball after its tenth anniversary. The dance party was hands down one of the best events in Pittsburgh. They wanted to try something new, so they announced, “One Night Stand” which would open up the Ace Hotel’s Gym. New format, new venue, new swagways.

First, Attack Theatre collects the who’s who of Pittsburgh like Pokemon. The attendees are varied from non-profit leaders to to artists to entrepreneurs. At the beginning of the night, sponsors took over hotel rooms and turned them into mini-bars for light conversations over drinks. Unlike other VIP events, this gathering was more informal and served as old friends catching up.

As the night went on, the party moved down to the Gym. The space was the right size, the sound was well a good volume, and performers effortlessly moved around as they introduced the swagway dance routine. The performance was well polished too. Until the last minute, you could sneak a peek at the back hall way rehearsals. Attack Theatre rolled the dice and delivered a good first year fundraiser with One Night Stand. While there is room for improvement setting wise, it will be hard to beat the spectacle of swaywag dance routines next year.

Last note, someone has to be pissed about the Gym’s “Opening“. What was billed to be the first show at the Ace Hotel’s premiere party venue was usurped the night before by Title Town’s Soul and Funk Dance Party. Many felt One Night Stand’s ticket price suggested the privilege of being first to open the new spot.

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