Quantum Theatre’s hosted its Sixth Sense Q Ball at the Fireman Creative’s Engine House. While seeing the future might have been the theme, reflecting on the past was ever present. Old vinyl banners made up the carpet that lead guests in. Wallpaper too, was of showcases. Familiar friends and faces would come and fill the rest.

The small theatre company is a powerhouse of creativity that captures the imagination much like a wisp takes the unknowing adventurer deeper into the woods. Their knack for turning a empty spaces with cement floors and empty cracking walls into a set worthy of Shakespeare is second to none. It can frightening to take the steps into the monochrome cold February night to venture forth to attend. Yet, a few steps in your imagination takes control and you find yourself in a strange dream of characters.

False alarms aside, this year was a turning point in Quantum Theatre’s Q-Ball. They proved they can thrive with the growing amount of events being planned in Pittsburgh. The attendees will even tell you why, they remember the performances. Instead of another night that gets lost in bottles of wine, Quantum’s performances stand out and give the attendees a memory that lasts beyond a status update.

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