This was one of the weirdest events I covered this year.

Lights! Glamour! Action! has all the large names you’d expect behind Pittsburgh’s premiere viewing party for the Oscars. Highmark presents it. It benefits the Pittsburgh Film Office. And it’s claim to fame is where “Pittsburgh’s who’s who” goes. But none of it could overcome the obstacles of poor design choices. Guests were left islanded at tables and mingling opportunities were more awkward than the forced appearance of Pittsburgh Dad.

Independently, every item seemed like a good idea. Call backs to movies filmed in Pittsburgh. A choir singing Disney. An fucking super weird Oscar statue out of legos megablocks. Pittsburgh Dad does a skit. Particle board bridge arches to pass under. No one could be found in the near pitch black room. There was more, but all were orphaned by the scope of the space.

Unless you’re in the industry hardcore, it’s hard to justify the ticket price. If you’re paying to be seen, then demand better lighting. Skip it, host your own, or attend a smaller one. We left to cover HYP Club’s Oscar Party which ended up having way better atmosphere.

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