Art. Booze. Crash.

Unblurred is a gallery crawl in Pittsburgh. The art ranges from so-so to so amazing. These are photos somewhere in between.

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The card on the table said Jenn Seniuk. Respectfully, I assume that’s the artist’s name. What puts her aside is her layering. Many stick to one dimension. Two is hard. But she is out to master all three and texture. This sets her aside is so many ways. These aren’t experiments but stepping stones to mastery.

Artisan Tattoo

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Artisan threw together a show with Bethany Kaizer and Felicity Jones.

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

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People looking at art. The photos were by Lost Origin Productions.

Most Wanted Fine Arts

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Jason Sauer presents his own art.

Bunker Projects

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Thomas Merton Center

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The Beehive Collective does insanely intricate posters.

Boom Concepts

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Solid work, let’s go start a revolution.


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Space never felt so good.


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