Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day is typically portrayed by the downtown parade. Colorful green costumes, Irish flags waving, and yet something seems off. Almost all the coverage stops there. They forget South Side’s huge day-long party. So, Street Photographer Tom Souzer decided to grab his camera and get a look at the St. Patrick’s Day through another lens. Here are his amazing photos of the Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day you rarely see documented.

How couldn’t I stop and gawk over this hat? He said wife used to make and sell these over 20 years ago.
At 10AM Market Square is already getting wild and weird with people dressed head to toe in green starting to pre-game for the day.
Two women walk down 7th street dressed in their best Saint Patty’s day attire.
A women lays down to take a break from the wild crowds and packed streets.
A man draped in an Irish flag yells angrily on his cellphone as traffic is stuck at a stand still. A man watches from behind.
An intoxicated girl uses a light pole to hold herself up.
Staring off into the distance.
Two drunken men get into an altercation around the 1300 block of East Carson street.
Two Pittsburgh Police Officers get a moment of peace from patrolling and crowd control
Green and Blue the main colors of the day.
Two women walk to the next bar as one glances to screaming and yelling coming from across the street.
The oldest person I met throughout the day. From his facial expression I could tell he was having the time of his life.
Traffic was constantly gridlocked throughout the day. This dude took it as an opportunity to catch a slow ride down the back of a car with a beer in hand as the crowd yelled in encouragement.
A women enjoys a slice of pizza as a man walks to the table wiping his face.
A man tries to help his girlfriend off a messy block of Carson Street.
Need weed? These guys did and according to them “they made out pretty well.”
Mounted police officers were brought in for crowd control and crowd control they did, as most stopped in their tracks to cheer them on.
A man waves to a child while waiting in line for a slice as the party rages on in the background.
What’s more Carson St than being drunk? Cambodican Kitchen. A cook grilled food outside for most of the night.

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Tom is a self taught street & documentary photographer based out of Pittsburgh, PA. You'll find him most weekends and evenings traversing the city by bicycle with his camera.