As I told the owner, “Boxheart sucks at marketing…” But we always need to discover the things that hide.

In all my time in Pittsburgh, I had never stepped foot into the venue placed in Pittsburgh’s Little Italy of Bloomfield. In two years time of covering over a thousand events, not once did this gallery blip the radar. This would have gone on forever. Except LocalPittsburgh’s Jeff Rose kidnapped me. That’s where I crossed the chasm and saw what Box Heart Gallery had been hiding all these years.

This opening was of Kal Mansur‘s New Valkyries and Michael Walsh‘s Intersection – Dissection – Connection. Mansur’s work focused on abstractions that subtly played with the walls they hung on. Walsh’s work took on many dimensions of exploration for the artist and viewer alike. Both exhibited signs of personal growth in their medium.

What was the venue like? Outside of its marketing pitfall, Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan of BoxHeart Gallery have setup multi-story gallery that is deserves some national mention. The floor plan takes into account the artist as well as the buyer. The selection is professional weeding out most students instead steering towards those on their journey to mastery. The placement of statues, shapes, and canvas feel more like an invitation to a conversation rather than isolated pillars in the desert.

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