From the artists themselves:

The Commonheart – Formed to invoke emotion through tone and energy, The Commonheart is a band configured of up and coming artists from the Pittsburgh area who came together to create a unique sound for music lovers. “We know exactly what we want to sound like and we are ready to go out and bring it to the people,” said front man Clinton Clegg. The Commonheart takes rock riffs, gritty vocals and a screaming organ to deliver rock ‘n’ roll with a heavy blues, soul and gospel influence. Their music is a true testament to the past , echoing once again the full circle of music and sound.

Wreck Loose – Inspired by the classics, but driven to innovate, Wreck Loose is bringing hooks back to indie rock. This is piano garage pop at its smartest and finest.

Devin Moses & The Saved – Devin Moses & The Saved stylistically brings a mix of folk, rock and country. Devin describes his style of writing as an attempt to not waste the listeners time and to ensure that the purpose of the song is not meant to glorify one’s own vanity, but to make the best possible music period. If you’re a fan of irreverent attitudes, satirical excess and folk/rock music then this band is for you, if not….well it’s a free country.

Working Breed – Working Breed writes and performs eclectic art rock utilizing guitar, bass, drums, keys, synth, harmonies, trombone, trumpet, musical saw, and more. These multi-instrumentalists perform unique songs that hop from brass-laden space jams, to “spy” music, to french acoustic reggae.

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