Disclaimer: Jekko is a media sponsor for the bicentennial. This essentially meant we promoted it online and off and covered more events as a result.

Pittsburgh Celebrated its 250 birthday in 2008, but the articles of incorporation came 50 years later. The Bicentennial Birthday Bash and Parade the next day is the focal point of the year long affair in promoting Pittsburgh.

This event was elegantly cheesy in all the right ways. An actor played Pittsburgh’s first mayor from 1816, Ebenezer Denny. Descendants of all the other 56 previous mayors were invited to this party and boy they were excited. We often forget the amazing circumstances that brought us into this world. We rarely celebrate them too. Who our great grandfather was and what he did to better our lives. By inviting the descendants of the previous mayors, Heinz History Center ignited a pride no internet ancestry search could do.

As a result, attendees were from all walks of life.

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