Audio Review of the event (I screw up a lot of pronunciations):

Photos by Foo Conner; Text descriptions provided by the artists.

Space Galleries – John Riegart curated by Brett Yasko

In February, 2015, Brett Yasko asked 252 Pittsburgh artists to each do a portrait of the same person: John Riegert. What followed has been a journey through studios, restaurants, group sittings, museums, universities, parks, cemeteries, fishing holes, artists’ homes and John’s own home. The culmination will be an exhibition at SPACE in the summer of 2016 where, among the portraits, John will act as docent—telling stories of each artist and their work, as well as stories of his own.

937 Liberty Avenue – The New American Garden

The Landscape Architecture of Oehme, van Sweden runs June 3–August 26, 2016. This exhibition includes 52 contemporary and newly commissioned photographs of residential, civic, and commercial projects by Wolfgang Oehme (1930–2011) and James van Sweden (1935–2013). Oehme and van Sweden revolutionized landscape architecture with the creation of the New American Garden, a type of garden characterized by large swaths of grasses and fields of perennials. Their style celebrates the seasonal splendor of the American meadow while promoting its inherent ecological, sustainable, aesthetic, and ornamental values. The New American Garden, a traveling exhibition by The Cultural Landscape Foundation.

Wood Street Galleries

Pele-Mele, Olivier Ratsi
Boite Noire, Martin Messier

707 Gallery – Caroline Record’s Future Overhead

Forever Overhead is collection of new work by Caroline Record that is simultaneously from the perspective of the ground and the sky. It is that feeling you have when you are just arriving and the place you are present is still a dot on the map. The work plays with both the sterile map view from above and the smallest sounds from the ground.

Future Tenant – [in]COMPLETION • [in]TRANSITION

Curated by CMU architecture studio professor, Hal Hayes, AIA, [in]COMPLETION : [in]TRANSITION is a study of the redevelopment of Cuba’s landmark national art schools. In spring 2016, twelve students accompanied professor Hayes to visit Havana, Cuba and examine the current state of Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba’s National Art School. In the 1960s, the Art School was left in various stages of abandonment as the Cuban Government decommissioned the project while only partially complete.

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