Pittsburgh is often referred to as the City of Champions (Champyinz for the locals). So, you could say the town knows how to throw a parade you’ll remember. The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Nashville Predators Sunday to secure their 5th Stanley Cup win. Here are the amazing photos that comes with the parade.

Sydney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, holds up the Stanley Cup in front of a parking garage packed with fans. . Foo Conner | Jekko.

The City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Penguins planned a parade in under three days. Everyone chipped in. The North Allegheny High School Marching Band set the sound track followed by the Blue Devil Band from Mt. Lebanon High School. Lastly, Steeline followed them up pounding the drums of victory. All of the music itself was mixed with the orchestra of fans.

Pittsburgh Penguin Fans cheer on the winners of the 2017 Stanley Cup. Foo Conner | Jekko.
Sydney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, lets fans of all ages touch the coveted Stanley Cup. Foo Conner | Jekko.

This is what 650,000 of your closest friends look like. According to city officials, this was the largest parade on record for the Pittsburgh Penguins. This is the first time in almost 20 years a NHL team has won the Stanley Cup back to back. Despite the hot day, and the fact Yinzers had to cross a bridge, the Penguins Parade was one of the best ones to date with young fans meeting their local heroes.

Christopher Kunitz holding up the Stanley Cup for fans at the Pittsburgh Parade. Foo Conner | Jekko.
The Pittsburgh Penguin Mascot jumps in front of fans at the parade. Foo Conner | Jekko.

I’ve covered thousands of events for my site Jekko. Most of them aren’t sports. So, I asked famed photographer Matthew Conboy to tag along with me. I didn’t want to miss any shots of this historic event. We walked the parade route from the start at East Busway at Grant Street to the Boulevard of the Allies and then to the Point. What we saw is a team genuinely excited just as the fans were. Crosby would often jump out of the car with a smile letting fans touch the iconic trophy sharing a moment in their victory.

Streamers fall from the Pittsburgh skyline as fans find any roof top to grab a better vantage point. Matthew Conboy | Jekko.
Fans eagerly await the Stanley Cup Parade to come down the Boulevard of the Allies. Matthew Conboy | Jekko.
Penguins’ Kris Letang holding up the Stanley Cup in celebration of the 2017 win. Foo Conner | Jekko.

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