Weather Permitting is one of the best things Pittsburgh has going. Pete Spynda and his team of social misfits claim the Shadyside Nursery on summer weekends to have a blast. The small concerts draw a few hundred music lovers of all ages. Small bands, big bands, traveling bands, local bands, the kids dance and hula hoop all the same.

I didn’t cover Weather Permitting most of this season because I over-covered it last year. There is a lot to love aside from the music. Local breweries bring in small test batches of beer and cider to get feedback. There is a weird game called stump where people pass the hammer to pound nails into, well, a stump. And it’s a mixtures of new and old Pittsburgh. This space is where the new transplants that work at Bakery Square and the old Garfield artists meet.

Weather Permitting is the idyllic backdrop to summer’s end.

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