The Tom Rainey Trio takes the gloriously fresh pressed stage of Alphabet City to deliver a sporadic musical message note by note. Opening ceremonies were held by Tuhin Das and Randy Gilson of Randyland fame. (Full Disclosure, I was baited into covering this because Randy, Tuhin, and I are friends. I stayed for the Jazz.)

Tom is a notable American drummer who has a career so legit, Wikipedia editors hesitate before adding or removing lines. His discography spans decades. His credentials don’t prepare you for the slight of hand he performs – making his improvisations seem seamless.

Ingrid Laubrock came in from behind the audience with a saxophone that grappled with the quiet air of the bookstore to her right. Mary Halvorson sat on stage deceptively playing a over-sized guitar through a well loved fender amplifier. Tom, of course, commanded the drums like a helmsman of a ship in the middle of the storm. Yet, all was harmonious. In and out the music and instruments went. Forward and back. The night went on and time would see the trio part. May you enjoy these photos, vestiges of their past.

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