The Ecolution Fashion Show has become a marquee event for Earth Day, but also one of the stand out Fashion Shows for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Designers are tasked with creating evocative dress with recycled and sustainable materials.

Acrobatique Creative has found its groove. The rhythm for the fourth annual fashion show sounds more like New York or New Orleans this year. Returning curator Richard Parsakian, known for his sourcing of vintage fashion as the proprietor of EONS, streamlined the beat of the show. The Fairmont Pittsburgh’s walkway was changed to ground level to provide the audience a more informal look at the sketches come to life.

Ronda Zegarelli Produced the event. Models were provided by the Docherty Agency.

Participating Designers: Kat Belskey, Terry Boyd, Gina Cercone, Brandon Darreff, Katy DeMent, Julianne D’errico, Electric Catfish, Mindy Eshelman, Tom Higgs, Zain Islam-Hashmi, Jami Johnson, Lessa Kassler, Victoria Kerestes, Bradford Mumpower, Jen Rocket, Ruby Dawn, and King Reld

Seen: CC Clark, Shellie Hipsky, Christine Tumpson, Jason Zubovic, Faith Finoli, Sarah Zeffiro, Phat Man Dee, Liz Berlin, Patrick Moore, Ronda Zegarelli.

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