Ever want to turn a bad day around? I have. That’s why I searched the streets and found the most lovable dogs in Pittsburgh. If you want to brighten your day, follow these Instagram famous pups.

Lu-Seal the Pig-Seal-Dog

Lu-seal was morbidly obese and abandoned on the streets to die. However, fate had different plans. Dr. Julia Morely fell in love and adopted the 7.25kg (16lbs) chihuahua. Over the next five months, the nine year old Lu-Seal went through her weight-loss journey on Instagram. Now she is half the size she use to be and twice the smiles.

Naara the Husky

Naara and Myka the Huskies are the unofficial mascots Project Olympus. These data dogs help entrepreneurs relax in between Instagram photo shoots. Don’t let their CMU Education fool you, they derp out on a regular basis. They can be seen on the streets of Oakland, usually during lunch.


Lucy the chocolate lab trots around town taking photos in front of multi-colored murals. Her owner, Tori Mistick, is Lucy’s creative companion who also blogs at¬†Wear Wag and Repeat. Together they craft shoots inspired by¬†Audrey Hepburn’s¬†Sabrina outfit, A Christmas Story, and others. You can imagine their account as an Amazon Original series exploring the city.


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If life is a balancing act, then Nelly knows how to find zen. Rumors say Nelly studied in the mountains of Tibet. More than likely Nelly’s owner, Terry Peters, has given this golden retriever a happy home and inner peace. From Fruit, Flowers, and Figurines, half the fun of following Nelly is seeing what she’ll balance next.

Henry and Penny

Henry and Penny are best French bulldog friends. Henry hates suitcases. Penny hates lizards. Together they’re the face of a mega-frenchie designer brand aimed at human and dog friends. From doggy treats, organic pet shampoo, to wine glasses, they aim to be the Mary-Kate and Ashley of the dog world.

Felipe Ferdinand Krajewski

Felipe was blind in one eye and homeless on the streets of Puerto Rico. Prospects were dim for the young chihuahua. Then, Furkid, a non-profit that specializes in international dog rescue brought Felipe to Pittsburgh. Dr. Colleen Krajewski fell in love with Felipe and brought him to the first house he’d ever call home. Felipe now takes to the streets to protest injustice or meet as many neighbors as he can during Open Streets.

Theo and Cato

Theo and Cato are aww… They’re so cute. Gah. Cannot, stop, scrolling…

Rising Star – Jonas the Bull

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Jonas can be seen crashing festivals at the point. Outside of there, he’s been seen in the Strip District, Bakery Square, and Northside. He’s the youngest of the bunch at nearly 1.5 years old, but his personality is amazing. He’ll come to you, sit, and wait for pets.

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