Android Wear smart watches have been using the same Snapdragon 2100 chip set since the beginning. Though the manufacturers differ, LG, Michael Kohrs, and others rely on Qualcomm much like you depend on the watch to help you master time and space — well, at least time.

Snapdragon 2100 is currently the best in the market and it already has been in the playing field since 2016. It may have delivered its purpose with the public long enough, that’s why it is about time that Qualcomm announced a save-the-date this September 10, 2018 for the release of an upgraded chip set.

The LG Urbane featured the original Snapdragon 400 processor and was updated to Android Wear 2.0 Q2 of 2017. Foo Conner | Jekko.

The flagship device that will carry this chip is also crowded in mystery. Everyone has its guesses on a Pixel Watch from Google. We know it will likely feature the new Snapdragon 3100. Evan Blass, reporter for VentureBeat, has a source that claims the new Pixel branded watch will be a center piece of Google’s fall hardware event.

According to Pankaj Kedia, Qualcomm’s Sr. Director and Business Lead, “It’s designed from the ground up for a no-compromises smartwatch experience with dedicated chips that make your watch look pretty when you’re not looking at it, that brings the best fitness and watch experience, and extends battery life.”

Nonetheless this new chip will certainly feature improved battery life along with Bluetooth and WiFi updates.

Recently, Qualcomm also released the Snapdragon Wear 2500 which is a low-end version that caters specifically to kids watches. During the event It was again hinted that they were going to release a new chip that will be an update in the last 2 years from its wearable line which confirms the save the date press invitation for the allegedly now so-called Snapdragon 3100.

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