The Pittsburgh Opera will start their production of La Bohème March 30, 2019. To celebrate friends of the Opera including Docherty Talent Agency and Larrimor’s, and Studio Booth came together to put on a Bohemian Nights Fashion Show.

In it’s third year, the Pittsburgh Opera’s fashion show has found a groove but not it’s audience. The event had simple but refined visuals, the lights were everywhere they needed to be, but the audience felt small and familiar to the space. These were predominately opera supporters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; but I have to agree with City Paper’s Jordan Snowden when he said the show, “almost felt like a secret.”

This secret is one worth sharing. The runway show, which lasted 30 minutes, crammed two performances in by resident artists. The hors d’oeuvres and deserts by Hungry for Time lasted longer. The models joked and laughed before taking stage, but were complete pros when lights came on. I’m sure some of them will move to NY or LA soon.

The Pittsburgh Opera Fashion Show is one of the three major fashion shows I recommend. The other two being the CMU student run Lunar Gala and Pittsburgh Earth Day’s Ecolution coming up Thursday, April 18.

The suits and dress of the night were colorful as if worn ceremonially to summon spring. Here is our photoset from the night:

The Bohemian Nights Fashion Show Event Chair was Michele Fabrizi. Fashions were from Larrimor’s. Docherty Talent Agency provided the models. Larrimor’s dressed them in fashion. Studio Booth then did their hair and makeup.

And here are the socialites:

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