The KeySmart Pro is elegant solution for organizing and finding your keys. We spent months testing pocket organizers and have found the KeySmart has a good feel in our denim pockets. Here is our in-depth test-drive and review of the key organizer with a built in Tile.

A Key Smart Pro is essentially a ergonomic Tile Pro to wrap your keys in. Foo Conner | Jekko.

Dude where’s my car? Well, do you have the keys when you get there. Tile came up with the solution to fight couches that eat keys and inherently time. At the time, the bluetooth speaker was the product that changed how we tracked our backpacks, bikes, and wallets. The promise was great: Airport security machines that swallowed checked carry-on luggage would come down with indigestion – saving our valuables. Tile’s network would rapidly expand from their 2013 Kickstarter launch to be a familiar product in retail locations such as target. In 2017, KeySmart launched their series of organizers with Tile built in. How does it hold up in 2020? Let’s see.

The Key Smart Pro (White) holds a variety of keys. It fits four comfortably including a Titan Key and bottle opener. Foo Conner | Jekko.

Party Tricks? Opener, Organizer, and Tracker

The KeySmart Pro’s three fantastic features easily overcome its glaring problem – the setup. Out of the box the construction of the Keysmart Pro key ring is messy. Fitting keys, choosing spacers, and fumbling around to screw it all together is no joy. The one part that we loved about the setup was a penny could lock and unlock for additional keys. Once it’s all setup the Keysmart Pro becomes a simple but compelling product for our lives. Just don’t plan to add keys on a weekly schedule.

First, the Tile operates like any other Tile does. It can be used to locate your phone or vice versa. Second, the LED light built into the body of the KeySmart Pro is enough to navigate an abandoned house without lighting in the dead of winter. Third, the built in lithium ion battery is chargeable via Micro USB and lasts a months on daily use. This feature is sleeker than replacing batteries in the Tile Pro.

The Tile App lists multiple Tile devices and phones with Tile installed. Foo Conner | Jekko.

Review Reflections: We March to a Key-less future.

The KeySmart is priced at $21.99 at the time of writing. The KeySmart Pro, which is defined by it’s Tile integration is around $49.99. To put this into perspective, a Tile Pro 2020 with replaceable battery is $25 alone. The upgrade is definitely worthwhile for those looking to condense their pockets and rid themselves of jingling as we rush across streets to make pedestrian walk lights. As for the construction, our first review unit developed a crack only under extreme pressure. We hope a future models could switch to metal instead of plastic but it’s not worth deducting any points for.

Months later, I forget that the KeySmart Pro is in my pocket. It often hugs the side or bottom of my wallet making for a flush fit. The keys show little sign of additional wear. In addition, until we replace all locks with products like August’s Smart Lock Pro this product will bridge us to the future of key-less smart homes. However, there will be hold outs. While I embrace a key-less future, my father will most likely adopt the KeySmart Pro.

In conclusion, the internet is filled with products dedicated keys, wallets, and watches, but when it comes down to it, the Key Smart Pro is one of the best products to consider putting in your pocket.

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