BoardUp may not only be the replacement for Boosted Boards, but also the future of skateboards in general. For three years, Product Designer Bin Lu has been redesigning the classic longboard. From small adjustments to large milestones, BoardUp isn’t afraid to experiment with improving transportation. Here’s a look at the BoardUp Classic, the non-electric model.

It takes a while to get use to, but once you do the BoardUp is packed and ready to go.

Calling the BoardUp Classic a classic, is like calling a cyborg a human. While technically accurate, the new parts make it something entirely new. BoardUp has upgraded the longboard base design with mechanical levers and switches that allow for it to fold up. The metal, wheels, and wood are all made from materials I’d kindly pay more for. The compact design also came already assembled. Yes, I know putting your own grip tape on is a right of passage for skateboards, but you’ll have so much to look at with this board you’ll hardly miss it.

Underneath the BoardUp Classic. The simple design is well thought out. Foo Conner | Jekko.

It’s the type of board you’d want to bring to a fight… though it’s not rated as a shield or weapon. The deck, wheels, and trucks are some of the highest quality materials I’ve seen on a board. There’s no trick here, it was made to last years. Even with that in mind, the skateboard that made the rounds on YouTube in 2018 has released several different DIY upgrades since then. Think of it as a skateboard with patch notes. There are small fixes, and then there are the major upgrades like the BoardUp Bolt+ which fully transforms it into an electric Skateboard.

Kicking the back lever of the BoardUp Classic folds it in half. Foo Conner | Jekko.

In the mid 2000’s, I work at the infamous Skatopia skatepark producing music festivals. One of the houses there is a dedicated Skateboard museum. For years I strolled around and gave an occasional tour of that museum. The walls are filled with original boards from the mid century to today. There are planks of wood with bolted on wheels and signed boards from the greats. The manufacturing process of Skateboarding didn’t really change much in the last 20 years until recently. That being the major addition of electric skateboards and the BoardUp designs.

The BoardUp locks with everything in its right place. Foo Conner | Jekko.

Everything is in the right place here. I never felt like I lagged behind when riding with my longboard friends. I never lost footing even those the ends were brought in a bit for space. If anything, I’d say turning was easier. When it’s compact, it stays that way.

The BoardUp Classic compared to a traditional Longboard. Foo Conner | Jekko.

The BoardUp classic does come with a small learning curve. Mostly, they’re habits you want to get into. Don’t unlock it if it’s in front of you. Watch out for your fingers when you close it. After that, it’s a daily long board made for cruising. The bearing and bushings make for a smooth ride. I’d not concerned with taking the non-electric version on a plane. The DIY’er can upgrade or collaborate it to suit there needs as this is meant to last for years.

The BoardUp Classic 3.3 comes in at an insanely reasonably price at $189.99 at the time of writing. The electric addition comes in at $549.99 or $699.99 as a combo. Bin Lu and BoardUp has delivered longboard with more features for a price that others charge double for. If you’ve been considering a long board or electric skateboard, I’d highly recommend looking at this one.

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