As I lay in bed proud of myself for staying in, my cellphone flickers to life, “You got to get here. It’s lit.” I do the math. If I book it on bike, avoid the road blocks, and cross some bridges, I can get to the Creatives Drinks 11 by 11.

Creatives Drink over their 11 events has become a place where networking is secondary to marking the night with a good time. The crowd is young do’ers who get their hands dirty on projects from music, photography, and beyond. None of that aimless networking nonsense. Creatives Drink is about curating your new friends group like a good playlist.

Cody Baker and Chancellor Humphrey
Cody Baker and Chancellor Humphrey at Creative Drinks 11 in Southside Works. Foo Conner | Jekko.

Started by Cody Baker and Chancellor Humphrey (Who hangs out, but not his project anymore), the event is a silk road of musical acts and spirits. This edition saw the musical artists Fedd the God, Kris Hollis, Stixx, Mars Jackson, Cam Chambers, Arie Cole, DJ Spillz. Meanwhile spirits were provided by Mindful Hospitality Group.

Pittsburgh saw most of its small and mid-tier venues close during the 2020 shutdown. Now with Covid-19 variants looming, everyone was in a rush. To answer the text, get out of bed, and go for a night out that could be the last before another shutdown. We won’t talk about that now. No one is talking about that now.

The party by the Monongahela River reminded us of a truth – Performers need a stage and creatives enjoy a drink.

Foo is the founder of Jekko. Unlike other publishers, Foo attends thousands of events, interviews personalities from startups to Fortune 500s, and blows stuff up on YouTube.