Thanks to you, Jekko is preparing a new year publishing news. In the last decade, we’ve covered celebrations and tragedies, pedestrians to presidents, and startups to stock listings. Jekko was established as a laboratory for modern story telling. As technology changes, so must we.

Here’s what to expect:

The Content changes:

  • We’re working on our Original Series for Broadcast.
  • We’re expanding our Technology Reviews section.
  • We’re expanding our Travel Destinations section.
  • We archived several articles while we update them.
  • My personal focus will shift to towards running Jekko as CEO.

The original goal for Jekko was to create a visual catalog of the world around us. We started by experimenting with photojournalism on ‘new’ platforms like Instagram and Twitter. In our testing, a professional photo doubles the traffic almost every article. It holds true over iPhone vs DSLR today. Our current archive is over 100,000 images. But we’re in the world of video now.

We started filming our first Original Series, a travel show, before Covid-19. We’re restarting production next month. Sadly, I couldn’t post an update until now due to a ‘no publicity’ clause in the contract. Our team is currently hunting down new locations for next year’s filming schedule. We’re also looking at a second non-travel series for 2022/2023. We’ll be launching a travel section to go along with the show.

Our Technology Reviews proved to be our most popular section over time. This is because our focus has been experience over stats. No pixel peeping on cameras. Also, other outlets skew their reviews by pushing you towards more expensive products because of that sweet affiliate commission. I could careless about that; we don’t make our money that way. Jekko will always recommend items for their usability. If you like this philosophy, we’re going to hire a full-time tech editor – send resumes here.

As the years add up, so does the technological debt. Most people don’t know the average page on the internet only lasts 100 days. Sites on average only last two years. Jekko’s archive was designed with decades in mind. Despite that, we have spring cleaning to do. We’ve offlined articles that used depreciated code and features. It will take a while to update over a thousand entries for today’s standards.

Lastly, I will be focusing on scaling Jekko in 2022. On top of that, I’ll be hosting the travel series. I’ve missed so many of you during the last two years, and won’t be able to reconnect with you as the nightlife returns. I’ve attended over 5,000 events. Instead, I hope you come along and follow me and my team 2022.

I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Yours Truly,


Foo is the founder of Jekko. Unlike other publishers, Foo attends thousands of events, interviews personalities from startups to Fortune 500s, and blows stuff up on YouTube.