In the dark ages of the pandemic, Clubhouse founded a ‘social audio’ empire. While many others are trying to take the throne, none have captured its importance. Why? Clubhouse has powerhouse speakers hosting and moderating rooms. These queens and kings hold court speaking on topics of entrepreneurship, and love and Bitcoin of the realm.

Clubhouse was founded in 2020 as an iOS app for iPhones. Like early social networks before it, it required a vouch to create a social profile on it. (Thanks @string!) With COVID-19 lockdown in full effect, it filled a hole in hearts for the conference-style presentations. Now in the second serious year millions tune in for an audio unrefined experience more chaotic than a podcast.

I spent the last few months lurking on Clubhouse to find out who were the powerhouses on this new social media platform. The following have been consistent and powerful voices that set the tone for social audio today.

Kris Orticello

Society wanted her to be a secretary, but she had a calling for the stage. The Toronto based actress and singer has found her voice hosting Clubhouse rooms. She speaks on topics from on being motivated, being confident on camera, and mastering media in general. Her Thursday room ‘How to get Publicity’ (You get what you wish for :P.), is where she teaches you how to get press you and your projects deserve.

Kris Orticello serves her online community with patience and kindness. She reminds thousands of listeners daily that establishing yourself in your field is a marathon, not a sprint. That said, she herself is one of the most consistent voices on Clubhouse speaking daily.

Becca Tepper-Teruel

Becca Tepper-Teruel has conquered content creation. She is a social-audio socialite with a TikTok paparazzi. She and her father Robert Tepper create feel-good videos during the day. Then at night she cuddles up next to the Clubhouse mic with whispers of encouragement for her followers.

You see, no one is on social media to be a thousand-aire. Becca and her ride or die BFF Dani Klass collaborate on Clubhouse helping influencers become follower-millionaires. Becca’s approach is straight forward. Answer the audience. How many seconds should a TikTok be? What do the latest Instagram changes mean for me? She has a cheat sheet.

Becca’s rooms hold keys to unlocking social media algorithms. If she doesn’t have a certain key, she’ll pick the lock. Her community crowdsources their posting experiments and find a way to jump the queue. It’s also worth mentioning, she weaves spells over audiences by designing custom Instagram filters.

Ashley McCurdy

Ashley McCurdy did the math one day. She could be paying a lease, or staying on a beach. So she minimized her life into carry-on suitcase and became a Digital Nomad. In no time at all, Ashley became one of the top travel hackers in the world. She’s a Marriott Master who knows how to live in style. During this Great Resignation, she teaches you how to pack light and get on the road.

Unlike the others on this list, Ashley’s rooms go late into the night. For her, it’s early morning on a Thailand beach. At least I think she’s in Thailand still. I’m not so sure. She is quickly becoming a modern day Carmen Sandiego. Catch Ashley’s talks before you ask, “Where in the world is she?” There is one place we’ll know she’ll be; She’s organizing a Clubhouse Cruise for Digital Nomads March 2023.

You can watch her recaps as In Search of Traveler on YouTube.

Bobby del Rio

Bobby del Rio is a complicated character that would take at least six seasons and a movie to tell the story of his life. His long career in acting was covered extensively when magazines ruled grocery store shelves but now reside in library archives preserved for future generations. (If anyone can find me a young Bobby del Rio photo I’d kindly NFT that.) It isn’t the past Bobby we’re here to talk about.

Clubhouse has opened up a world of connection for actors, filmmakers, and writers. As Bobby put it, “The great thing about being an actor, is you can start at any age.” That age for many, is the present. Bobby has found new opportunities with producers pitching him often live in rooms. He helps others with copious advice on the industry no matter where you find yourself. (This is a good time to say, please don’t send him your script.)

As a rockstar moderator, he is the enforcer of high profile rooms. He wields the weapons to bounce unruly audience members and often protects other rooms of people on this list. However, his charm is found in the select rooms where he talks about the challenges of growing as an individual.

If you’re looking to network in film and television then gather round and listen to Bobby del Rio.

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson lost all her social media accounts right before a big launch. This brought up the age old question: Does anyone care when you’re no longer internet famous? For Hayley, the answer was yes. He community cares. Her audience sprung to action and helped her recover her accounts by petitioning the social media giants.

Hayley has a web-three-dot-I-do-what-I-want attitude. She’s not distracted by negative comments. She is a monk of marketing mindfulness. Her rooms focus on the light side of self improvement. “Hear the heart, hold their hand, and show people how to speak with soul.”

If you’re looking for habit hacking, join Hayley Hobson’s rooms. The guests and topics focus on the slight improvements to moving mountains in your personal life. Each presentation is a mini-conference on balancing the emotions of a modern life. The simple hacks help steer the audience away from burnout and towards being productive-AF.

Molly Dare

Molly Dare‘s Entrepreneurship Mindset Power Hour starts mornings on Club House with fresh ideas. Whether the listener is at the gym crushing it or struggles nursing their hangover from the night before, Molly’s Power Hour is a breakfast burrito of celebration and tips for those who are their own boss.

Her rooms leverage strong guests, often not house hold names, that bring earned experience from in the trenches of business. The conversations remind you that chasing a passion require resiliency – especially during a pandemic. If you’re looking for a morning hug that embraces the emotions of creating a business, listen to Molly Dare.

Molly is social-media-polyamorous. She’s currently experimenting with social audio apps. If you prefer an audio-monogamous relationship instead, her podcast might be for you. It’s called On Air with Molly Dare.

Who else?

Not enough? Still Looking for Group? Here’s a rapid fire section. Joyanne hosts rooms on positivity. Michael Zeller is an Entrepreneur hatching plans. Credit Ninja will repair your credit score. Wendy Shore has great financial advice. Will Weinbach is a danger to society with his mandatory fun rooms. Pyotr Kurzin hosts marathon rooms covering politics. Apryll Aileen plays great live music. And Emily Lyons is a media powerhouse.

Special thanks to which I used to track metrics of rooms.

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