After a heavy night of drinking, I gathered up our napkin scribbles from the bar and sent it off to the presses. What came back is a glorious set of irreverent and likely untradable cards. To celebrate April Foo’s Day 2022, and a news outlet actually printing something, I present to you: Cards for Jagoffs.

You can actually buy Cards for Jagoffs here.

Part time handle model and famed journalist Francesca Dabecco reviewing bad decisions at Leo’s Pub.

Cards for Jagoffs is up for grabs this Third Pittsburgh Winter April. The small box contains thoughts as prickly as a jaggerbush. This pack of cards contains enough Pittsburgh trivia to fill a Rick Sebak special. Geographically it covers many neighborhoods including rogue provinces like Wilkinsburg. Still nebby?

28 Black Cards Including:

  • Ah Jeez… now the Mt. Worshington billboard promotes ________.
  • ________ was really a CMU art project the whole time.
  • August Wilson’s unpublished play: ________.
  • What’s stuck in the tunnel?

80 White Cards Including:

  • The Mon Wharf: a swimming pool for cars.
  • The feeling of disappointment when you go to The Point and the fountain is off.
  • 40s under the 40th Street Bridge
  • Endless Route 28 construction
  • Filthadelphia

Don’t worry, there are local politicians like Bike Lane Bill and John “Not-A-Wrestler” Fetterman. Pittsburghese guide not included.

Cards for Jagoffs is the size of a standard poker deck. A very popular size, for very popular card matching games. This game probably won’t be that popular since it doesn’t appeal to everyone, especially those in Wexford. But, don’t let that stop you from ruining, or enhancing’, other games with the same physical dimensions.

Cards for Jagoffs; A few of the cards from Bridges to Personalities, everything is on the table. Foo Conner | Jekko.

If there is enough interest, I’ll do a live stream play though with friends later this month. Follow me on Twitter.

The references in this deck were collected over a decade and over 5,000 events. These cards were battle tested and perfected in Pittsburgh’s Dive bars by Chad Elish and myself over the years. We laughed with countless friends and family as we put together the collection. With the pandemic over* and our ability to purchase wine and spirits restored, now is the best time to release these into the wild.

I’ll be printing these for a limited time. It’s a joke, not a business model.
That said, you can find Cards for Jagoffs here.

Hold a box filling with 108 cards of premium parody. Foo Conner | Jekko.

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