Prior to Astrobotic launching a lunar lander, the Moonshot Museum has launched with a grand opening. The new space museum is located in Pittsburgh’s Northside where every eccentric has a museum. Paint your house odd colors? Museum. Collect Mattresses or something? Museum. Have engineers creating a quarter billion dollar thing that will live indefinitely on the moon? Museum.

The learning laboratory is akin to the Carnegie Science Center down the street. Aimed at younger residents and school tours, the exhibits bring futuristic devices and landscapes into children’s hands and hopefully hearts. The main exhibit is the Astrobotic clean room where the Peregrine Lunar Lander is being prepped for its stellar adventure.

The opening is an accomplishment for inaugural museum director Sam Moore who spent much of the last year developing and closing the nearly $3M capital campaign for launch.

The Museum is open on Weekends and Wednesdays. Cost of Entry is $10 for adults. $5 for children.

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