Dot. Cards is a digital business card that actually works. You can now burn the stacks of paper business cards you’ve order to stay warm for the winter. Traditional business cards are a burden, especially for travelers. Those paper weights are thrown out like ninja stars in hopes for a lighter load in mental baggage. Dot., the connection company, has created a replacement with a straightforward website and NFC companion cards.

The premise is straight forward: a plastic card with NFC inside and QR code backup on the back. This takes you to Dot.’s website where you enter in your information. This can be changed live, between conferences, or if you really need to ghost someone as the date didn’t work out… who drinks decaf in the morning.

All of your social media can be entered into the waterfall of connection options. Most importantly, your phone number and profile photo is automagically imported on most Android and iOS systems. It also adds a date and location in which the contact information was shared. Finally, this defeats the never-ending scroll of names wondering who those initials belong to and when you met someone.

The DotCards landing page in 2022.

On Apple products, the Dot. card is seamless. Yet, not all Android phones come with NFC enabled by default. Luckily, the QR Code on the back is scannable and serves as a nice replacement. Each card comes with a unique url which forwards to the profile you setup. While you could program your own NFC chip, (I made backups), the one time fee is less than a thousand business cards.

You don’t need to purchase a dot. device to setup an account. You can create your own account for free.

The easy of use cannot be overexaggerated. I purchased a dot.card after seeing it in action myself. In using the dot. networking events, it is not only functional but a complete magic trick. Most of the people I meet have been in awe. Tap, create contact, and done. Best of all, there is no waste or pockets to fill with cards to digitize later.

Dot. has designed a web interface that’s straight and to the point. An app-less digital business card that can change as you do.

Tapping a Dotcard to an iPhone brings up a contact card that’s instantly savable on iOS.

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