We are currently looking for South Pittsburgh Stories ahead of our anniversary announcement.  Anyone can pitch us. We’re working on stories that feature the rich history south of the city.

What exactly are we looking for? Community drive stories from non-profits, multigenerational family businesses, buildings that have survived many changes, people in the community that are familiar faces.

Where are we looking? South Pittsburgh neighborhoods including: Allentown, Arlington, Beltzhoover, Bon Air, Carrick, Knoxville, Mount Oliver Borough, Mount Washington, South Side Flats and South Side Slopes.

Where to pitch us? Please email editor@jekko.com

Over the summer, I’ve still been collecting coverage across the city. There are a hundred or so articles with rich images and video sitting in draft. Jekko’s goal has always been to archive the world around us. I’m glad we’re about to start posting the long-term stories. Hopefully this includes the ones you pitch as well.

Once we make the announcement we’ll be posting those articles as well as starting a frequent release schedule once again.

Foo is the founder of Jekko. Unlike other publishers, Foo attends thousands of events, interviews personalities from startups to Fortune 500s, and blows stuff up on YouTube.