Jekko is a data driven media company that amplifies news and entertainment. We develop new tools to enable story tellers. Our stories touches millions of readers a month with content that we create, optimize, and distribute. We hope to use these tools for good and to create bridges the world needs.

Who We Are

Jekko was originally a test domain used for development. The assumption was if the word had no meaning, it could take any form. Originally it was intended to be a heavily optimized WordPress platform for news outlets. However, working with existing media providers proved challenging in the uncertain market. So, Jekko bootstrapped as a journalism outlet where it found its voice.

From the founder Foo Conner: I was traveling around the United States out of vans with characters usually reserved for fiction. The consistent things in my life were the blue external frame backpack that anointed my back, the formless virtual machine that houses bits for my digital life, and the generosity of people I’d meet through both. I found myself sleeping in Zuccotti Park during Occupy Wall Street. We tweeted. We live streamed on cellphones charged by bike generators. We reached out to people in new ways. The past is a dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s innovation. So, I work on Jekko as a catalyst to amplify stories no matter what life threw at us.